Constant Care releases new indie rock single, ’77’ – Reignland

Constant Care has released a new single titled, ’77’. The track contains an indie rock foundation with a mix of dub and reggae influences. According to their press release, the title “77” refers to the year 1977. They explain, “We were listening to a lot of music from that era when we wrote it. I think you can hear all of those influences (punk, post-punk, dub, reggae) in the song.”. The build-up in the track is electric and the vocals that come along has such an retro rock sound. It’s addicitive.

Constant Care is the recording and performing project of Madrid-based songwriter Fergus Brady. The band’s sound combines influences from indie rock, punk and post-punk with lyrics that embody the desires and struggles of making your way in a big city.

Get the track: spotify.com, deezer.com, apple.com, youtube.com, bandcamp.com