$cience has released an awesome new track called “No Hook Part 3” – Reignland

$cience has released this awesome new track called “No Hook Part 3” He was born with the name Marlon Nichols, but as he got older picked up the nickname $cience because of how my beliefs changed. Originally from a small city in Georgia called Tifton, I now reside in Columbia, South Carolina. I moved here from Norfolk Virgina because I was going thru a lot after being kicked out the military. I ended up being homeless and the only person who could look out for me was a old friend, Robert Fulwood, here in Columbia. Shortly after arriving here, I was introduced to making beats. Ever since that moment I knew in my head that music is what I was meant to do in this life. What a heavy bass this is?….The booming of this music is bold and the vocals are just great and will get your attention. Be sure to check above and leave your feedback below.