Chi TheRealist uses his platform to bring awareness in new single, ‘Flippin’ Shit Over’ – Reignland

Chi TheRealist is using his platform to raise awareness during his new single, ‘Flippin Shit Over’. He uses is aggressive rap flow to make sure you hear his emotion and listen. His punchlines are superior along with his ability to make a banger out of a cause. He’s angry and he has every right to be.

“This song is bigger than just being a “Black Lives Matter” song, it’s a ballad for this revolution! I wrote this song angry… no longer fearful. Tired of singing, dancing and pleading to not be left bleeding at the knee of police. This is The mood for all of us fighting against police brutality during this Black Lives Matter movement. *It wasn’t written to support nor attract violence but to depict the rage sparked by the consistent injustices against us. ARREST THE POLICE THAT KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR!”, he explains. We need more music like this to march too, to be heard with, to get people involved. This track is not only a cry for help but a movement to stand up. I love an artist who uses there a platform for good especially rappers. His consistent flow is what got me to hook. He is just flowing so effortlessly on this like it’s nothing. Be sure to pick a reaction or leave your feedback below or just ARREST THE POLICE THAT KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR!

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/ChiTheRealist