Céu releases new spicy single, ‘Corpocontinente’ – Reignland

Céu has released a new spicy hit title, Corpocontinente. I love the sultry melody with her soothing vocals. The song defiantly creates such a vibe. The lyrics are so beautiful as she talks about love and other things. In her words ” the tracks put two words together – “corpo”, body, and “continente”, continent -, and that’s exactly what I suggest: two people, two bodies, two different continents. When they come together, they become a single body, and that’s when the meaning of the word “saudade” (nostalgia) is made.” She continues, ” When two people that love each other are separated and finally meet, they become one, and that’s what love means, the bond, and that’s what “saudade” is. I wanted to play with this word that exists in Portuguese, “saudade”, that is such a beautiful word. And it’s a love song. Anyone who follows my career knows that I’m just a romantic person who really believes in love as everything, as a way of healing, of friendship, bonding, affection. I think love is the answer to everything, so I write a lot about this theme.” Make sure to her album APKA! in April 2020

Get the track: https://music.apple.com/us/album/corpocontinente/1494993513?i=1494993666