21-year-old singer/songwriter, Greya has released a heart wrenching new track called “All Hell Breaks Loose”. The voice of this artist is amazing! I enjoyed watching the music video for this song. “The song really just started out a vibe,” shares Greya. My producer was playing around with samples one night at the studio, when one of the hooks in the background kind of caught his ear. We immediately started riffing on top of it, and within minutes we had a roadmap of the song. Something big. A little haunting. But cathartic.”

The smoke filled room that she is performing in is a great set up for this type of song and the keyboardist is fantastic! The way the artist can go up an octave is also great. Earlier this year, Greya released her mesmerizing debut single “He,” which she wrote with Grammy-winning producer Shannon Sanders (India.Arie, Jonny Lang, John Legend, Robert Randolph) and recorded at Sanders’ Nashville studio.

“I want every song people hear of mine to provoke a physical reaction in their body, whether it’s tapping or pressure building in their chest or wanting to cry or punch something,” Greya says. “I want that not only in the words, but in the tracks––that the music can be played without lyrics and still elicit a reaction, and vice versa.”

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Get the track: https://soulspazm.ffm.to/greyahbl

Connect: https://www.iamgreya.com/