Cal Maro is back with a beautiful new track titled, “Bad” – Reignland

Brooklyn bred creator Cal Maro is back with a new track called “Bad” What a nice vibe this song has? The heavy bass beat is sexy! I like the harmony in the vocals, the lyrics are nice to listen to…alone or with someone. I like the bass guitar and drums a lot. Such a romantic track. I really enjoyed it. At around the age of 13, Cal taught himself guitar and started playing in a hardcore band while workshopping his best ‘Sufjan-esque’ songs.

On the track Cal shares, “‘Bad’ is a pop song, but undressing. It was originally a faster song, like a set the night type of energy, but the iteration that hit right was when we slowed it down and let the energy speak for itself. It’s a strut. It’s tequila in the system. It’s the moment you’re so shook, you know things are out of your control. But you’re past the point of nervousness or doubt; you’re feeling yourself. You’re ready for it, and you’re showing out because you know it’s too good both ways for things to not come through.”Be sure to listen to this wonderful piece of work and please share your thoughts below.

Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com

Connect: https://calmaro.co/