Brianna Blankenship releases new single, “Church” – Reignland

Brianna Blankenship has released a phenomenal new track called “Church” The song lyrics speak of the love relationship between two people. The song compares the feelings/experiences a person has at church and with their relationship with God to the love relationship they are experiencing. I personally loved this song so much! The cross reference of the lyrics are so clever. The melody is fantastic. The “go to church vibe” was cute and made me want to hear this song over and over again  She started performing in her school chorus and starring in musicals in her hometown of Kane, PA when she was young. Wonderfully done. Be sure to enjoy this track above and leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/track/4JzCmN4zQJBsxCL6Y4A7Eq