Bradley Arthur Maxwell releases touching new single, ‘Alone’ – Reignland

Americana singer/songwriter Bradley Arthur Maxwell is kicking off 2020 with an incredibly poignant new video for his latest single “Alone.” The cinematic melody in the background creates such a beautiful and refreshing experience for the listener. His vocals are such a breath of fresh air. I love the concept of this video as well.

The music video was shot entirely on a smartphone to amplify the theme of isolation that the hyper overuse of our phones can often cause. Footage was captured across multiple cities, over a four-month time period and is intended as an observational piece to reflect society and where most of our focus currently lies – in our devices rather than with the world and those around us. This is such an important topic that should be talked about more. Take in the moment sometimes.

“Alone” was recorded at Echo Lake Studios near Halifax, Nova Scotia, with multi-instrumentalist and award-winning producer Daniel Ledwell. This is the second single to be released from Bradley Arthur Maxwell from his sessions with Ledwell, with more to follow in the coming months.

Prior to this release, Maxwell shared his debut single/video titled, “Easy On Me.” The video was premiered on The 405, who calls the track, “a minimalist tune packed with staggering emotional heft.” Shot by director Britt Wilen, the video features Maxwell spontaneously interpretive dancing on Venice beach. We even see “real people pass on by without so much as a glance at Maxwell, somehow underlining his proclamation about feeling ‘exposed’ on the West Coast.” [The 405]

Both the track and video are out now and can be streamed on your favorite service via the link above.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/track/0twgYsemC2JfxV6B2q0QUk