Braden the Young wants to fall in love in ‘ N.Y.C.’ – Reignland

“N.Y.C.” is the newest single from artist-producer, Braden the Young, The song is a upbeat pop single, that features amazing vocals. It adds RNB flavors and soft bass lines to create a perfect spring blend. It’s an overall feel good tune.

The inspiration for “N.Y.C.” comes from the formative trips to New York CIty made by him and his now wife:

“New York is such a life-changing experience I think for anyone who goes there. For me, it felt like a thrilling and frankly overwhelming world. My first major trip I ever did with my wife was to New York. We were only 19, and it’s still probably one of the most romanticized places in our minds. I think it represents so much of the exciting and unknown parts of our relationship with each other. I know full well that the title line ‘Falling in love in New York’ is the most cliche thing in the universe, but that’s kind of why I like it. It’s a really simple and special idea to me.”

Braden the Young is the alias of 26 year old songwriter, Braden Mitchell Anderson. Hailing from Kansas City, MO, he leans on a bedrock of multi-instrumentalism gained in his youth and an affinity for classic rock and jazz to create electronic productions unlike quite anyone else in the modern industry. His songs have been featured in ads, TV, and sports stadiums around the world. Braden the Young currently resides in Portland, OR, USA.

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/bradentheyoung/