Blanc Cassé has released a unexplainable track called “Santans” – Reignland

It is about standing in your own way even though you know what to do.

The pain and struggle with it.

This is the first single of the upcoming EP. The EPs theme is: PAIN.

I wanted the video to express this struggle. To be in an endless limbo.

This song has a long history:

The drums were recorded back in 2016 in an abandoned swimming centre.

the rest was recorded in 2017 in a hotel room I rented.

the whole song was cancelled by me in 2018.

2019 I got my s**t together and shot the music video.

Blanc Casse’ has released a great new track called “Santans” This track is fantastic as far as the music goes and the video is wonderful. Be sure to listen for yourself and leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.