BIRTHH releases beautiful tribute to her grandmother titled, ‘Parakeet’ – Reignland

BIRTHH’s new single “Parakeet” is here and I couldn’t be more excited! This track is the new song from her forthcoming sophomore album WHOA coming out on March 6th.

She wrote this song as a tribute to her grandmother. , “Growing up I used to spend a lot of time with my grandma, she was the silent type, definitely someone who showed her love through action, not as much through words. She had two parakeets, her eyes watered a little when the first one died, she loved Nougat and I don’t remember her ever yelling at me – or at anybody else for that matter. Two years ago I was touring around Europe supporting Hein Cooper, my dad called me and said that nana just had a stroke, that she survived but wasn’t really the nonna Franca we were used to anymore. Before visiting her at the hospital I collected all the pictures and memories I had of my childhood with her, that’s how “Parakeet” was born. Every line is a memory, music is a time machine, I wrote this one for myself and myself only.”

The acoustic guitar driven track sets such an intimate setting for the listener as they listen to her wonderful memories. It feels like a small concert with just a mic and her guitar. Her vocals flow so heavenly over the melody, it’s riveting.

Her album featuring this song was mostly written in her bedroom studio before completing it with Solange collaborator Lucius Page, the GRAMMY Award-winning mixing engineer Robert ‘LB’ Dorsey and GRAMMY Award-winning powerhouse mastering engineer Emily Lazar (David Bowie, The Killers, Lou Reed, Dolly Parton).

The album will be supported by some US shows this Spring. I can’t wait to hear it.


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