Ben Williams has released a powerful new track called “We Shall Overcome” – Reignland

Ben Williams has released a new track called “We Shall Overcome” In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Grammy-winning artist Ben Williams today shared a powerful rendition of “We Shall Overcome.” It follows 1st soulful single “If You Hear Me” from his upcoming album I AM A MAN, out February 7 on Rainbow Blonde Records (co-owned by José James). The title is a reference to picket signs held during Memphis’ historic 1968 African American sanitation workers’ strike and is his most poignant, sociopolitical statement yet. This of course is a timely work of art and I certainly appreciated the gift of listening to it. The vocals were beautiful and the music is like a heavy heart beat as it makes you feel almost like you were there. Nice work! Be sure to listen to this touching track above and leave a feedback below.