Ben Lorentzen released a touching track called “Underneath A Fatherless Sky” – Reignland

Ben Lorentzen released a touching new track called “Underneath A Fatherless Sky” Here Lorentzen continues to dive deeper into the Suburban Noir landscape he started exploring with two previous albums. In other words: it is still dark and moody, it’ s introvert, eclectic and dealing with the pains and pleasures of existence. The pace is slower than on the previous album “Pains & Pleasures of Intimacy”, but the lyrics are strong, heartfelt and sung as if life depended on it. As a backdrop Ben Lorentzen explains how he imagines the 10 songs as a conversation between humanity and it’s collective conscience and how the two entities falling apart becomes the King of Bitter Sorrow.

This track is interesting in how he takes his idea and makes it understandable, The guitar strokes were almost as beautiful as the ballerina in the video. The vocals were a little eerie but I liked it. Great work. Be sure to listen closely to the track above and leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

Find a small interview by Ben Lorentzen about the song and making of here: https://youtu.be/tK_SNB31_Cg