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Denise Sherod

Denise is a music reviewer for Reignland Magazine. In her…

Bad Honey released an amazingly beautiful new track called “Circles” Comprising of both Lydia Clowes &Teresa Origone, Bad Honey is a South East London anectarous soul-pop duo. I’m so pleased to have listened to this great track, it’s wonderful. The sultry beat takes you to a place you are probably not supposed to be…the vocals are smooth and captivating. The keyboard and bass guitar are amazing together. I loved all of it.

Describing this newest offering as

“being in a relationship where both people are fighting their own battles, and finding strength in supporting each other. It’s a positive way of saying ‘I’ve got you and you’ve got me, and not allowing things to go round in a vicious circle where problems are ignored and the situation gets worse. We wanted to create some cyclic motion within the music as well, so we did this via the looping arpeggiated synth in the verses, and the layered backing vocal lines in the choruses which create a canon-like effect. Weworked on this song with our friend Geo who we produced it with.” – Bad Honey.

Be sure to listen to the track above and please leave your feedback below.

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Denise Sherod

Denise is a music reviewer for Reignland Magazine. In her sparetime she loves to do art, read books and watch animation movies.

Denise Sherod March 5, 2020