Ateller releases a fresh new vibe with ‘FOR SURE, FOR SURE’ – Reignland

Brooklyn based producer, drummer, singer and DJ ‘Ateller’ has released ‘For Sure, For Sure’, the second single from upcoming album ‘I AM U’. ‘For Sure, For Sure’ sees Ateller effortless create a fresh new area of music by combining electronica, R&B and dance using his skills as a producer, DJ and drummer. “This is an ode to the psychedelic experience,” says Ateller, “or at least, the part of the experience that can be put into words), which greatly shaped me as a person.”

Emerging from the Tel Aviv underground scene, Ateller relocated to Brooklyn several years ago in pursuit of a solo career and is gaining recognition quickly for his blend of future soul and r&b, already building up critical support from Interview Mag, Nylon, COMPLEX and more for his meditative-yet-passionate musicality.

You can get the track here: https://song.link/us/i/1483086502