Ant Utama releases ‘I Got Your Back’ for charity – Reignland

Photo Credit; Alessandro De Matteis

Germany based singer songwriter, Ant Utama has released a new inspiring new single ‘I got your back’ for a good cause. The song offers inspiring lyrics, beautiful pop instrumental all for a great cause. Mental health is such a serious topic and I’m glad he’s choose to encourage those with it. All proceeds from streams and such will be donated to the Lifeline Charity in New Zealand. The charity supports people with depression and prevents suicides in the community. They don’t receive any government funding.

He said this about the song in a press release;

“This song was written to remind us to be there for those close to us. Mental health is an important issue in society today, and too many of us are keeping our issues to ourselves rather than asking for help. Often our closest friends and family are going through tough times on the inside and we have no idea. This song serves two purposes. It is a call to everyone to be open to sharing their problems and to know they have people there to support them. It is also a reminder to look deeper and more carefully at your loved ones and to make sure they know you have their back.”