Andrée Theander releases “What It’s Like to Cover” – Reignland

Andrée Theander releases “What It’s Like to Cover”,  guitar driven, country melody with a dash of pop and undeniable vocals.

Andrée Theander has dedicated himself to the art of guitar playing since February 25, 1996, the day he turned ten. On that day, he got his first electric guitar as a birthday present from his parents. Soon after he also started writing music, took guitar lessons and joined the music program at the high school in his hometown Härnösand in Sweden. Later his musical studies led Andrée to the university in Skövde, Sweden, where he met his companion in the progressive rock group Cap Outrun, Erik Wiss. That’s when they made their debut album “Influence Grind”. Later on, Andrée continued to study music at the university in Piteå, Sweden, and took classes to become a professional studio musician. To enhance his musical abilities he spent several months in the USA where he attended various courses at the Musicians Institute (GIT) in Los Angeles. During his stay in California Andrée met Fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber who invited him to lay down some guitar tracks for his “Galaxy” album (2012). Quite an honor for a young virtually unknown music student to be included in the album credits next to L.A. session cats like Michael Thompson, Vinnie Colaiuta or Jimmy Haslip.

Back in Sweden Andrée felt he was ready to make his dream come true and to start working on his own album. Andrée recruited a great line-up of rock musicians from Sweden, he either knew personally or who had impressed him with their previous work. The result was the critically acclaimed album “Strange Nostalgia” by The Theander Expression.

Since then another album called “Wonderful Anticipation” has been released and Andrée continues do work as a session player as well. A new album with Cap Outrun is in the making and in 2018 it was time for Andrée’s first pure solo release “Airplane Mode”, with his own lead vocals on every track. In 2019 he has put out four singles and one more are going to see the light before we wrap up this year. Last in line is called “What It’s Like to Cover”, available on all streaming services NOW!

Connect: https://andreetheander.com/