Andreas Vey releases a beautiful new single, titled “The One” – Reignland

Berlin-based singer/songwriter Andreas Vey has released a touching new track called “The One” I enjoyed the soft sounds of this track as I watched the incredible music video that supports it. I liked the high pitch vocals that the artist belted out. The different scenes in the video really added to the wonderful voice. It was cool to see him go from the wooded area to the city part with the tall buildings. The keyboard really touched with the background harmony, it was so sweet.

Written shortly after making the move to Berlin from a small mid-western German village, ‘The One’ is one of many songs coming from the period of Andreas’ life when he was struggling to find his feet in the new city. “I had a breakdown and moved to Berlin to begin again. Somehow it started with a clutch of failures and setbacks. I couldn’t find a place to stay and worked in twenty or more different daily jobs and finally, my girlfriend broke up with me.” explains Andreas “I was pretty lost and disillusioned and I wandered through the city a lot at that time. I remember being pretty overwhelmed by the hectic of the city and all the different impressions while I was seeking refuge and solace.”

It was the critical decision to move that impacted the essence of Andreas’ songs and sparked his best and most honest writing to date. “I decided to write a song that starts right at the heart of the city on Potsdamer Platz and creates a little parallel universe. Like a little, dreamy movie that makes you escape all the madness for a moment and float away…It’s a song about loss and longing yet about hope and solace at the same time.”

He plans to release three more singles, followed by an EP this winter, as well as a solo gig at Reeperbahn Festival 2020.

Be sure to listen and enjoy this track above and please share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

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