Analog DogHeart shares jazzy new single, ‘Into It (So What)’. – Reignland

Analog brings classic jazz goodness and sultry vocals in new single titled, ‘Into It’. This is the 2nd single from their debut EP. The band infuses jazz elements with pop melodies and some rock to create a funky experience for the listener through out the song. With lush transitions and cool vocals, they don’t fail at making you feel welcomed into their groovy atmosphere. The change of beats at unexpected times feels like different songs but you don’t notice it with the smooth transitions. It just feels like one big happy place for the listener. You have to put your heart into it according to the lyrics and they put all of their hard work into this track. You can tell. From the production to the vocals and then too the ending piano melody.

According to their bio, Analog Dog is the result of the fusion of two SF bands, The Tangelos and Pretty in Between, each of which has run the circuit of local venues and beyond, including notable performances at Bottom of the Hill, Brick & Mortar, SFSU Depot, Hotel Utah and more. After sharing a bill for the first time in March of 2018 at PianoFight, the two bands made a point of collaborating on a series of shows throughout the year, with band members gradually integrating into each others’ sets. By the winter of 2019, it was clear that the promise of a new sound was on the horizon.