Alexa Ray releases empowering new single, ‘Fearless’ ahead of next album – Reignland

Singer-songwriter Alexa Ray reveals “Fearless” the title track off her next album, Fearless coming this Fall. In this track, she explains that being fearless means standing up for your dreams in spite of everything that might get in the way. Her powerful vocals delivery such empowering lyrics from the dynamic melody to the catchy chrous that will and needs to get stuck in your head. She never ceases to amaze me with her music.

“I wanted people to be left with the message that striving for acceptance isn’t worth it. You’re on the planet to be you and no one else. Every time you take a dive against who you are or what you believe in I think you lose a little part of yourself. Whether it’s standing up for what you believe in, fighting bullies or just being you to the most authentic degree possible It takes courage. “Fearless” was written as a fight song to stay true to one’s self and who you are even if it means going against the grain of our hypocritical societal standards.” – Alexa Ray 

The vocals for the track “Fearless” were engineered by Dajaun Martineau who is known for his work with Canadian talent like Moist, Diemonds, Cancer Bats, Kathleen Edwards, Lydia Ainsworth as well as international acts including Yelawolf/Fefe Dobson, Nico & Vinz, Ghostface Killah, and many more.

“There’s really a strong message in the song I can relate to 100%, so working on this song felt so close to home. The song Fearless was an amazing project to work on, Alexa’s lyrics and vocal tone drove me to do a really bold production of fusing pop with orchestral elements to match.” – Randall Jermaine The world needs positive music like this and I am glad Alexa is joinning in. I cant wait for her full project. Leave your feedback or reaction below.

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