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Singer / Songwriter Alex G took to Twitter yesterday to share a very touching story about her eyebrows and I totally understand.

The history of my eyebrows.

A THREAD pic.twitter.com/N0mpWEBUOl

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

I have trichotillomania, an anxiety disorder that causes me to pull out body hair.

Been pulling out my eyebrow hairs since i was 10. I also have very large brows so before the miracle of makeup, it was super obvious.

(Sorry for cropping you out @jackieeg7 it’s for science) pic.twitter.com/pf41K81zCL

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

19 yrs old. 1st music video. It went viral. The comments were so mean about specifically my eyebrows & I was heartbroken. So: you-know-who disabled comments.
He also said he thought my brows looked off but didn’t tell me bc he thought it’d be better if the internet did. Classy. pic.twitter.com/Uh5iOVMb5X

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

Doing YT was ?? but also put insecurities front & center.

SIDE NOTE: I had also always hated my nose. you-know-who would tell people to “not shoot me from the side” cuz it had a bump. I then got a nose job & he said “looks great! There’s nothing distracting about your face now”

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

So about the brows: after some years i started to realize that they were great before I started messing with them. So I started to let them grow back. I also finally learned how to do makeup. pic.twitter.com/hPxX3Qa9c6

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

I still pick my eyebrows today. Because i have an anxiety disorder. However, I am a lot nicer to myself. I love my eyebrows. I love my new & old nose. And I love the young girl in the previous pictures with low self-esteem who tried so hard to be attractive enough to be wanted.

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

I will end with this:

The only thing I regret about the “Born This Way” video is that we made it homophobic.

The only thing I regret about that time in my life is letting that guy anywhere NEAR these brows. And me.

Don’t let a man (unless it’s @jvn) tell you how to look. pic.twitter.com/svnBHj071y

— Alex Blue (@AlexGMusic7) December 3, 2018

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