A.Heard x CoolAssPPL has released an absolute best track called “Chill N.” – Reignland

A.Heard x CoolAssPPL has released the best song I’ve heard in a while called “Chill N.” A.Heard is 1/7 of the super group “CoolAssPPL” and this is “Chill N.”, a song of repression, oppression and stunted progression disguised as an upbeat, and soulful hip-hop track about chilling on your front porch! I am so excited about this track! I loved it! The video is absolutely awesome, I loved the views of the different areas of the neighborhood! The hair on this dude tho…The lyrics are absolutely wonderful! I loved the skilled rapping, it is great! And the music with that terrific bass beat is unmatched! You have to hear this..then please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.