3RIN x EHNA has released an awesome Latin Pop track called “Oulala” – Reignland

3RIN x EHNA has released a Latin Jam called “Oulala” Everything about this track was perfect even down to the music video. I love Latin music, the drums, guitar, the rhythms, and beats are always satisfying. The vocals and lyrics are amazing! Love it!

“It was the end of August and I was enjoying a cold drink on the terrace, playing with some chords on my guitar. Over this Spanish rhythm, I started humming; «cause you are looking oulala, I hope tonight that you are solala». The line stuck to my mind for 2 hours – this had to become a song. A couple of days later I was jamming on my guitar again, in my bathroom. I find it soothing to sing and play with all the reverb in there. With my eyes closed, the lights switched off and nothing but a lit candle making shadows of my guitar dance on the walls, I came up with the pre-chorus. All of a sudden my debut single was born.», 3RIN says when we ask him about the song.

Erin Danet, a young songwriter known as 3RIN, lives close to the heart of Romania, in Brasov. Listen and share your feedback.

Get the track: music.apple.com, soundcloud.com, spotify.com

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/3rinmusic/