MΛD FVN releases a brand new track called “Skeletons” – Reignland

MΛD FVN released a fantastic new track called “Skeletons” When I was 12, I was in an ATV accident with my brother. Then again, at age 21, I had an even worse ATV accident. Neither time was I the one driving, so other than them teaching me to never trust others with heavy machinery, they also left me with a constant, unnerving awareness of death. I realized that my biggest fear is not dying, but dying before I have the chance to give what I love, whether it’s people or passion, all that I’ve got was not an option. This is a cool song! Loving the music and the vocals are positively powerful! The lyrics are awesome. Be sure to listen and enjoy then please leave your feedback below. Add this fabulous song to your playlist today.