Unlocking Nostalgia: How to Get the CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2


For fans of the iconic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the return of the original soundtrack in Counter-Strike 2 brings a wave of nostalgia. The special CS:GO Music Kit, containing five classic themes from the beloved FPS, is a treasured addition for those seeking to relive the sounds of their greatest gaming moments. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can unlock this exclusive music kit in Counter-Strike 2.

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Unlocking the CS:GO Music Kit:

As of the current status, the CS:GO music kit is not available for purchase in the Store, making it an exclusive item for certain players. The only way to obtain this music kit for free is by having owned CS:GO in the past. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Counter-Strike series, owning CS:GO grants you access to the CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2.

Here’s how to unlock the CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2:

  1. Check Your Inventory:
    • Boot up Counter-Strike 2 and navigate to the Inventory tab from the main menu.
    • The CS:GO Music Kit will appear among the first items in your inventory.
  2. Accessing the Music Kit:
    • Click on the CS:GO Music Kit to inspect, view in loadout, equip, and add it to your favorites for better organization.
  3. Equipping the Music Kit:
    • Once equipped, the CS:GO Music Kit replaces the in-game soundtrack in Counter-Strike 2.
    • The kit includes tracks for the Main Menu, Round Start and End, Map Objective, Ten Second Warning, and Death Camera.
  4. In-Game Experience:
    • Enjoy the nostalgic tunes as you play, with the music kit enhancing your Counter-Strike 2 experience.
    • As an added feature, a special anthem plays when you are the MVP in a match.
  5. Sharing the Experience:
    • The music kit is shareable with anyone you play with, allowing you to spread the nostalgic vibes.
  6. Disabling the Music:
    • If you wish to disable the equipped music, return to your Inventory in the main menu between matches.


The CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2 serves as a bridge between the series’ 23-year history and the contemporary gameplay of the latest installment. Unlocking this music kit not only enhances your gaming experience but also allows you to relive the memories associated with CS:GO. For those who cherish the classic sounds of the FPS genre, this exclusive music kit is a valuable addition to your Counter-Strike 2 inventory.

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The Most Iconic Music in Video Games

Music in video games (like Spaceman) holds a unique power to captivate players, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall gaming experience. From catchy melodies to epic soundtracks, here’s a look at some of the most iconic music in video games that have left an indelible mark on players worldwide.

  1. Super Mario Bros. Theme
    • Composer: Koji Kondo
    • Game: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
    • Description: Instantly recognizable, the upbeat and catchy tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme is synonymous with gaming itself. Composed by Koji Kondo, this iconic melody has become ingrained in popular culture and is often regarded as one of the greatest video game themes of all time.
  2. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme
    • Composer: Koji Kondo
    • Game: The Legend of Zelda (1986)
    • Description: Another masterpiece by Koji Kondo, The Legend of Zelda Main Theme perfectly captures the sense of adventure and exploration inherent in the Zelda series. With its heroic melody and sense of grandeur, this theme has become emblematic of the franchise.
  3. Tetris Theme A
    • Composer: Hirokazu Tanaka
    • Game: Tetris (1984)
    • Description: Simple yet incredibly addictive, the Tetris Theme A is perhaps one of the most recognizable tunes in gaming history. Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, this infectious melody has been stuck in the heads of gamers for decades and is synonymous with the classic puzzle game.
  4. Halo Theme
    • Composer: Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori
    • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)
    • Description: Composed by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori, the Halo Theme is an epic orchestral piece that perfectly captures the grand scale and futuristic atmosphere of the Halo universe. Its haunting vocals and sweeping orchestration have made it an iconic piece of gaming music.
  5. Final Fantasy VII – Main Theme
    • Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
    • Game: Final Fantasy VII (1997)
    • Description: Nobuo Uematsu’s Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII is a beautiful and emotive piece that perfectly encapsulates the epic scope of the game. With its sweeping orchestration and poignant melody, this theme has become synonymous with the Final Fantasy series as a whole.
  6. Minecraft – Sweden
    • Composer: C418
    • Game: Minecraft (2011)
    • Description: Despite its minimalist nature, C418’s “Sweden” from Minecraft has become one of the most beloved pieces of video game music. Its tranquil melody and ambient sounds perfectly complement the game’s open-world exploration and have made it a favorite among players.
  7. Undertale – Megalovania
    • Composer: Toby Fox
    • Game: Undertale (2015)
    • Description: “Megalovania” from Undertale, composed by Toby Fox, is an intense and adrenaline-pumping track that accompanies one of the game’s most memorable boss battles. Its energetic beats and catchy melody have cemented its status as a fan favorite.

These are just a few examples of the many iconic pieces of music that have graced the world of video games over the years. Whether stirring feelings of nostalgia or setting the tone for epic adventures, the music in video games continues to pla


NEW PODCAST “THE TABLE” LAUNCHES Mickey Guyton, Sara Evans and More to Appear as Guests – Reignland

Singer/songwriters Victoria Banks and Sarah DeFors recently launched their new podcast, “The Table” (full title “The Table Women”).

“The Table,” which focuses on women in entertainment, provides a fun, easy-going and safe space to discuss the ups and downs of the female experience in the industry. Whether it’s comparing stories with guests, chatting about new projects, or discussing how women can change (and have changed) the industry for the better, the podcast aims to always provide an honest look into what it takes to get your seat at the table and pull up a chair for the next person in line.

“I wanted to bring the conversations I’d been having behind the scenes for years about gender into the open,” Sarah explains. “There were a few months where I had nothing but meetings and co-write sessions with women and I noticed we all ended up having some version of the same conversation regarding discrimination. The idea for this podcast had been in my mind for a while and when quarantine happened, I just said why not? Victoria has always been incredibly open, supportive and kind, and she has always been willing to give advice and share her experiences as a woman. I couldn’t think of a better person to partner with. This passion project has turned into so much more than we could have hoped for and we are super excited to share it with the world!”

Season 1, which focuses on the music industry, features female guests like Mickey Guyton, Sara Evans, Emily Shackleton, Noreen Prunier and more. Season 2 is currently in production and is set to cover even more diverse topics and perspectives.

You can be a part of the conversation by following “The Table” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or by clicking HERE.



You’ve already released an EP, Aprilia Ave, are there any plans to release more projects? Perhaps an album?

We’re planning on releasing a project or projects, it’s just in the works. The sound has definitely grown since Aprilia Ave. We added some really great musicians to the band and they’re definitely developing our sound into something magnificent.

Recently, a song resurfaced by you and Steve Lacy. How was it working with him on that song?

The Night Howl was something we did on a whim. He had a song idea and he thought I could develop it a little more lyrically. I used my love for YA fiction novels to write the lyrics. I also love rock so I lived my rockstar dream with that song. That was during Steve’s Rockstar Steve era. He’s a dream to work with. He listened and respected what I had to say.

What inspired you to call your EP, Aprilia Ave?

Aprilia Ave is a street in Compton where I grew up and I would pass the street light everyday in 2018. I would pass it going to work and to the studio everyday and everyday, the light was green. I’m the type of person to take things as a sign so i thought it was a sign to go full in on this music thing.

You had the opportunity to open for Mayor Hawthorne at the Troubadour? How did that come about?

Make Out Music hit me up on instagram to do the show and I just had to say yes. I’ve seen my faves perform on that stage and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.


When you play your shows, is there a pre-show routine you do with yourself or your band?

Usually, we rehearse and or get drunk before a show. We like to have a good time but we also like to feel confident in our abilities to play a good show. Rehearsing before a show helps with our confidence.

How did you come up with the name Asiatica?

My friend Vanessa came up with the name one day. I was in the back of their car and they were playing with my name. I didn’t intend for it to stick but it did.

Do you have any new music coming this year?

We are working on some new things now. Some may come by the end of this year but who knows honestly. We want to take our time to create something really cool.

What have you been up to with everything being on pause due to the COVID-19? What do you do to pass time by? Have you picked any new skills up?

I’ve been working on my mental health during this time. It’s been hard really. Sitting with myself in quarantine has forced me to grow as a person. I don’t hate it, I just wish it didn’t hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been surfing to kind of pass the time. When I’m not making music, I’m probably surfing or lying in a corner somewhere.

You have a unique sense of style, who is your fashion icon?

Wow love that you think my style is unique. It mostly consists of hand-me-downs and clothes that aren’t the right size for me. I used to try to model myself after my favorite people on tv but now I’m just into clothes I can wear. That’s how I would describe my style.

You were part of a Tinder campaign called “Black Love Is”, how did it feel to be part of it?

The Black Love Is film was the highlight of my year so far. It was amazing working with so many wonderful black people from all different backgrounds. I’ve made some pretty good friends filming it. It was also cool to see my face on tinder. It was a pretty crazy time for me. I felt significant for a second. It was nice.




Castle Finn released a brand new track called “Buried Treasure” – Reignland

Castle Finn released a cool new track called “Buried Treasure” Castle Finn is an emerging Indie Band, led by songwriter Patrick Murphy who started writing last year in the forested oasis of central Illinois which is the namesake of the band. Newly relocated in Champaign, IL, Castle Finn is quickly evolving and adding musicians to the mix. Castle Finn brings a warm retro feel to the Indie scene. The sound is really cool, “old school” the music is clean and takes you back to a certain time. The vocals remind me of Culture Club, I loved the music too you can chill to it. Please take the time to listen and be sure to share your thoughts below.


The Masterminds releases a wonderful new track called “Let Us Be Lovers” – Reignland

The Masterminds releases a heart warming new track called “Let Us Be Lovers” The Masterminds are a pop-rock band based in New Jersey. I found this to be an adorable song that I could really get into. I felt so warm and fuzzy inside. The lyrics are beautiful! The music is so sweet and played with such passion. I loved the vocals very much! Just check it out and please share your feedback below.



Toronto-based artist aiwake and Denver duo Saen. team up in new single “Faded Patterns,” an indietronic canvass smeared with chillwave hues that yield a sense of ecstatic melancholia. Blooming over the cinematic production, “Faded Patterns” is a palatial soundscape covered with swooshy riffs and aiwake’s silvery vocals that yield a smoky sweetness. The wistful tone of the track veers between sadness and bliss, making “Faded Patterns” an emotionally fluid melody that dives into nostalgia. The track is from their upcoming collaborative EP #9900s, which will be out in November:


Speaking of the track, aiwake shared: “‘Faded Patterns’ is a projection of what a cinematic pop record would sound like – motions over repetitions, nostalgic textures waiting to be defined. It is remembering something you still have yet to experience; the extension of an emotion that is already gone.”

Saen. also added: “‘Faded Patterns’ is a series of smooth and abrasive textures that create moving patterns throughout its journey. It’s a song that focuses on blending nostalgic synths with dreamy vocals. Short and sweet, it comes right when you need it and leaves when you least expect it.”


Gone Sugar Die has released brand new track called “Eyeliner” – Reignland

Gone Sugar Die has released a sleek new track called “Eyeliner”

Gone Sugar Die are Patrick McWilliams (vocals and synth) formerly of The Cut Losses and Mike Hindert (bass) who was previously a notorious member of hit NYC band The Bravery.

Their sound is a smart but explosive dark romance between synth punk and indie pop. The guitar is played with such passion and creativity the drums and bass are truly great! Loved the crisp sound of the vocals really awesome work. Please check this out and share your thoughts below. Great project.


Janelle Loes releases a brand new track called “Rough Sketch” – Reignland

Janelle Loes releases an amazing new track called “Rough Sketch”  Janelle Loes is an award-winning singer/songwriter who knows how to spin a song and mesmerize an audience. Her distinctive style fuses elements of jazz, pop, and contemporary music, while her sultry melodic voice and narrative style speak to the heart. I loved the soft vocals with the strong lyrics in this song. The music is fantastic with the beautifully played guitar, keyboard and drums played with so much passion. Great project. Please take the time to listen then share your feedback below.


Good Terms released “Wither Away” – Reignland

Good Terms released “Wither Away” Good Terms is your friendly neighborhood emo band. After years of working behind-the-scenes in the music industry, this group of best friends finally joined forces to get back to the roots of what made them first fall in love with music. The Los Angeles based quartet embraces the D.I.Y. spirit of the scene they grew up in by recording, producing, and mixing all of their music. Head bobbing action happened right away! I love the energy in this song! The vocals are fantastic! The music is awesome! The drums are working overtime! Love it all! The lyrics are impressive indeed. Please check this out, then share your feedback below.