Xe Park wants to make it official in new single,’Pressure’ – Reignland

Toronto-based female experimental singer, songwriter and producer, Xe Park shares her new late-night banger titled, ‘Pressure’. She places a smooth baseline and lush vocals to create a romantic vibe for a lover in her song. The lyrics are filled with warm-hearted emotions and creates a dope feeling when you listen to it.

According to her press release, The song ‘Pressure’ talks about taking that next step in a romantic friendship and wanting to make it “official” by turning it into a romantic relationship. It is obvious that the feelings are mutual between both of them, but Xe focuses on not wanting to pressure the person into being their partner. The individual that Xe has feelings for has already opened up to them, sharing many details about their life, but Xe knows that they both have a deep interest in each other and she wants to be the one special person they confide in.

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