‘When I sang this for her, she told me she loved me for the first time.’ Taylor Bradshaw releases new single ‘Laura’ from debut album. – Reignland

NYC based singer-songwriter, Taylor Bradshaw is making us all fall in love with his new single, ‘Laura.’ The song, written for a lover in Los Angeles, is an intimate folk track with refreshing vocals that tells a heartfelt story. “We’re separated by a nation, and I wonder what I would even do with myself if she were always near. The lyrics tie into the music – the “swelling sound” of our love is accompanied by the swell of guitars, and the “beating drum” of my heart brings in an echoing kick as a heartbeat.” he said about the track.

He continued, ‘Much of the fearful beauty of the song is its acknowledgment of transience. The kind of beauty that evaporates if one tries to hold onto it. And yet we are drawn irresistibly to each other, despite what stands between us. When I sang this for her, she told me she loved me for the first time.’ I’m not crying, you are! I love happy endings to these kinds of things. Long distance relationships can be hard but it’s possible and he shows it in this song.

Taylor Bradshaw’s debut album, Twine drops on February 26th.


Music and lyrics by Taylor Bradshaw

Drums by Jon Shiffman

Mixed by Taylor Bradshaw

Mastered by Andy VanDette