VIMBAI-ROSE brings 90’s R&B back with new single,’MOTHERS LOVE’ – Reignland

South East London born and Hertfordshire raised singer-songwriter, Vimbai-rose is here to bring some classic 90’s R&B vibes with her new single, ‘Mothers Love’. Her honey-glazed vocals melt in your ear as you hear the track. She blends Neo-soul, R&B, and hip hop into an emotional bliss of harmonies and a catchy chorus.

Speaking on the song ​Vimbai-Rose explained​ ​“​Mothers Love is about the things my mum taught me when I was younger that I may have found annoying but now I appreciate her for instilling those things in me as they’ve made me the woman I am today. The song begins with me listing some of those things ‘turning up the heat, pray before I eat, conquer all defeat, take shoes off my feet before I enter the crib, where I live I will give my all to you and everything thatIdo.​”

With this voice, she can take any room she sings in by storm. She makes you want more of her music and more of her story.

According to her bio, Vimbainashe Rose Gamure, also known as Vimbai-Rose kick-started her career in 2017 with debut EP ‘Reality Awaits’ which touched on the ugliness of the real world, translating her personal experiences into a blanket of reassurance, sonically nurturing her audience. Embedded in he debut project was as a eulogy for late father an ex-member of popular Zimbabwean Reggae band ‘Transit Crew’ who performed with artists like ​Bob Marley.​ Before parting ways and relocating to the UK and starting a solo career as Culture T and touring all around the world. Inspired by the reach of her father music Vimbai-Rose aspires to finish what her father started sharing a message of harsh realities of life eloquently.

The official video which was directed by Saskia Capetti is out this Sunday the 16th of August. Filmed while adhering to social distancing, the visual perfectly fits the track as Vimbai-Rose’s natural charisma exerts a magnetic allure to the camera.