V CAGE has released a seriously slamming track called “SLAM ME” – Reignland

“V CAGE has released an amazing new track called “Slam Me” as the first single of his first EP, a song that seeks to raise awareness in society about symbolic violence also suffered by men around the world.”

I must say I think it’s very brave of the artist to deal with this subject because people don’t talk about it, it’s very hush-hush. I absolutely love the storyline and the vocals are incredible, The drums and guitar are spectacular as they flow so well with the lyrics.

After years of writing and composing songs, V CAGE releases a really introspective project raising his voice about some problems that the society keep hiding due to shame or lack of importance.

Singer and composer born in Mexico City and graduated from Berklee College of Music, V CAGE is a multi-instrumentalist that can literally make music with whatever is in front of him. Whoever has listened to V CAGE can prove that his imagination, sensitivity and technical knowledge go beyond the mainstream. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below.