Travis Shallow shares new song titled, ‘Let It Pass’ – Reignland

American singer-songwriter, Travis Shallow is back with a new single titled, ‘Let It Pass’. The single has an intimate mood set with his heart warming guitar and vocals. It’s both soothing and makes you really think about moving forward. It feels like home just like other classic country songs I’ve heard. This one is going to be another classic.

“I released this song on Cavity Search Records out of Portland, Oregon on June 26th 2020. I was watching an old dear friend of mine going through a separation, and she was holding onto the idea of how things used to be in that relationship, and fighting the gut feeling that she knew it was over. It was toxic and time for her to leave. I told her “it’s like your holding onto an electric fence, when all you have to do to stop the pain is let go.” The chorus lyrics came after that, “if it ain’t meant to last, you gotta let it pass..” – It’s a universal truth”, he explained.

Shallow started his career as a solo artist in 2002 playing every dive bar and club that would book him. Soon after, he formed the alternative country band, A Few Good Liars, with whom he recorded a studio album in 2011 titled, Battered Wooden Body, at Tweed Recording Studio in Oxford, MS.

In 2012, Shallow left A Few Good Liars and started writing and recording songs that would later be released as his first solo self-titled album, Travis Shallow, to regional critical acclaim in the southeastern United States. After the release of his self-titled album in March 2016, Shallow took the show to the people performing intimate shows, stripped down with him and an acoustic guitar.

Get the track: apple.com, spotify.com

Connect: https://www.travisshallow.com/