townsend is having second thoughts keeping it ‘Casual’ on new single. – Reignland

townsend has released the fourth single, ‘Casual’ from his upcoming EP. The track comes in hot with an island/ pop vibe with a late-night feel mixed in. It speaks on a casual relationship that is making one of the people involved rethink the relationship and maybe want more. This concept is defiantly relatable and puts the mindset of the casual relationships you may have or have. The lyrics are fun and kind of romantic. His vocals are sensual and flow really nicely with the melody that falls behind it. The cover art that features a late-night background fits this song perfectly.

Speaking on the track, he says “First, I met a girl. Then we started hooking up. We both wanted to try out a casual relationship but after a while, it felt like it was turning into something else. At that point, I figured why not write a song about it first and then decide where to go after that and boom, “Casual” was written. It’s going to be part of an upcoming EP I plan on releasing this fall and was produced by myself and a buddy down here in Nashville. I hope it reminds you of a moment when you and someone else started to fall for each other” I can’t wait for the full project. Leave your reaction, feeback or comment below. Use the apple link to add it to your playlist.

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