Tia Carys has released a brand new track called “Figure Me Out” – Reignland

Tia Carys has just released a brand new track called “Figure Me Out” At just 19 years old, Tia Carys seems to have figured out a lot about herself already, as presented in the proud statement of ‘English X Ghana’. Her lyrical ability, personable rapping style and choice of themes is already proving to be infectious and has seen her gain Spotify’s Hot New Hip Hop playlist. I admire any woman who can do her thing with great confidence, this track is showing all the very best of a great musical artist! Loved the rapping skills, the best lyrics ever! The vocals and the music with a heavy bass was exceptional. I really enjoyed the video as well. Be sure to listen to this great song above and leave your feedback below, while you’re at it why not add this to your playlist.