The Real James Ryan Band talks about the journey of finishing high school in a new single, ‘Banana’ – Reignland

The Real Jame Ryan Band has released a new single titled, ‘Banana.’ The folk track really caught my attention with how intimate it is. The song starts off with just the guitar melody before you hear amazing vocals ready to tell a story, a relatable story I may add. I also love the funky bass solo that comes towards the end with a hint of jazz. It’s my favorite part of the track. They blended it so well. There vocals are also really nice.

They spoke on the inspiration behind the single, “A ballad about finishing high school, mostly written a few years ago. We went through several mixes before we were happy with the amount of delay on the rhythm guitar. Mixed by Phil Punch and Jem Hoppe and Electric Avenue studios.”

I wonder If this gets a visual, I hope so.

Get the track: deezer.com, music.apple.com, youtube.com