The Carbons wonder why they can’t ‘Sleep’ in new rock track. – Reignland

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Over half of people in the first world have reported having trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep. The line in the song that describes this best in our opinion is being “stuck in between able and weak”.

Forged in Western Canada, The Carbons are a rock trio known for their multi-climactic live shows, deep powerful vocals and huge groovy drums. Their debut LP August Ash is a 10-song groove rock ride that explores the shallower waters of young adulthood and progressively dives into deeper human challenges like mental health and temptation. With songs such as “Jerry, Can I Dance with Your Sister?”, “All I Need”, and “Stuck in Your Head”, the trio delivers melodies that grab you by the earlobes and lyrics that tickle your soul. Their latest single “Black Mirror” is a continuation of the dive. Fun and entertaining at first glance, the song uncovers the common fear that our best years may be behind us.