T R B L releases new lush track with Lovesick titled, ‘IM BACK’ – Reignland

This track is beautiful from the moment it comes on until it ends. I love the lush and dreamy R&B tones it gives off in the instrumental. I also like that it’s not just a soft R&B instrumental as it also gets you with some soul throughout making it a sick blend. Towards the end, you get some good bass to rock too. Lovesick’s voice will definitely have you living up to her name because her voice is extremely beautiful. I would love to hear a full project with these two because obviously they create magic.

TRBL is an award-winning producer, clinician, and musician that is well-versed in piano, music theory, and creative wisdom. He started his journey playing drums at the age of 5, playing trumpet for 9 years until braces cut his playing short. After his grandfather’s funeral, he got on the organ with very little training and hasn’t gotten off it since 2004.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/album/3RdfNle9rFe7yTB1fxeXYM