Sylis Ander speaks on his complicated relationship with sound in new single, ‘G.o.d.’ – Reignland

Solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Sylis Ander is telling a part of his story in his new single, ‘G.O.D’ aka ‘Graphite or diamond’. The song refers to two drastically different materials that are derived from the exact same element – carbon. It’s a fitting perspective for Ander, who has a complicated relationship with sound. Depending on how you look at it, some may say one has more value than the other. He was born with sensorineural hearing loss, which culminated in him losing half his hearing by his late twenties. The track has beautiful guitar melodies and an upbeat sense of hope for the future. His layered vocals sound refreshing to the ear and take you back to some 60’s rock with his tone.

In addition to this, he struggles with chronic tinnitus, which means that his hearing loss is also oppressively loud. The struggle to take part in conversations without having to read lips or pretend to hear became so arduous that he began to avoid conversations and the accompanying social discomfort as everything became quieter and his tinnitus became louder. The demands of taking part in the world around him were becoming unbearable, and Ander began to feel increasingly disconnected as his mental isolation worsened.

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