Subcon is confident that he can make it on his own without your ‘Therapy’ in new single. – Reignland

Nashville, Tennessee based artist, Subcon (Brandon Ingram) has released a new single, “Therapy.” The track definitely seems like it has an owl city est influence with a dope mixture of hip hop and pop to create an honest conversation about mental health. According to the press release, the track discusses feelings of bitterness towards the world and the rejection of unsolicited advice from people that you feel have no idea what you’re going through.

He speaks this about the track, “An underlying theme in this song is the stigmatization of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and how it drives people away from getting the help they need. The irony is that the narrator clearly shows the signs of mental health issues, but would rather live with these issues than take ‘help’ from people that, in his eye, don’t really care about him, and only seem to want to make him out to be a villain in the end. ”

Brandon’s love for music began after he heard Green Day’s “American Idiot” album for the first time at age 12. He soon fell in love with the punk music scene and went on to expand his listening to a variety of different punk, alternative, and hip hop subgenres.

His artist name, “Subcon,” comes from the word “subconscious,” which he chose as a representation of his music’s subject matter. After a lifetime of playing in various pop-punk bands, he first started writing in his current style (and under the name of Subcon) at the end of 2018. His debut EP, and first-ever Spotify release, titled “My Own Archenemy,” was released one year later in 2019.

I can’t wait to hear more and I hope this gets visual. Please add this to your playlist and maybe start a conversation with someone about mental health.