Strath has released a great new track called “Dead Of The Night” – Reignland

Strath has released a new track called “Dead of the Night” This song starts out with a wonderful upbeat vibe that gets you excited from the very start! I enjoyed this track so much that I can do this on repeat. The keyboard and bass guitar really brought together a new sound I have never heard before.

According to his press release, Harvard graduate Strath often reminisces of home, where he would play keys and sax from an early age in class bands. Ben (Strath) would often stick around after school to put beats together on the computers. Strath has since swapped home, Melbourne Australia, for Los Angeles, California. Ben spent the first two years of his studies writing screenplays alongside his film course, as well as having joined the University comedy organizations. It wasn’t until his trip to Way Out West in Sweden that he decided to return to music after a particularly inspiring Frank Ocean set.  “Akin to a Tron-like adventure, Dead Of The Night grabs listeners and rushes them into a frenzied journey propelled by a grungy baseline. The searching melody coupled with pressing lyrics renders a need to search for a seatbelt, so long as it ensures the ride continues.”. he explained.

Take a listen and leave your much-appreciated feedback below.

Get the track: youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com