Sofila has released an amazingly sexy track called “Little Slice of Heaven” – Reignland

My name is Sophia Ramos and I am a nineteen-year-old college student with a passion for singing and song-writing. Though I have been involved in the arts and musical theater since Pre-K, I did not begin creating my own “sound” until early January 2019. Blending the themes of angst, self-discovery, self-doubt, lust, and heartbreak, I have created a soundtrack for that confusing transition from teens to twenties. If I were to categorize my sound, I couldn’t, as I work as hard as possible to diversify the mood of every track I put out. I have slow, chill, indie songs, such as “Sunset Goddess”, as well as upbeat R&B, “Meet Cute”, and dark R&B/Rap music (unreleased songs). With my range, I hope to appeal to a larger, more new-age, audience.

I loved the guitar strokes at the beginning of this song. The intentional beat of this song is very sexy! The drums are very complimentary to the vocals. I loved the lyrics as it makes you feel special like she’s singing to you. Great song. Be sure to listen to this track above and please leave your feedback below, you might want to add this to your playlist.