Smiley Mikey releases new country single ‘U Hate love’ with K.T. Elspeth – Reignland

Smiley Mikey has released a new country hit titled ‘U Hate Love‘ The song features the vocals of young Nashville-based vocalist K.T. Elspeth. The amazing K. Karrasch is on the background of the track along with Aaron Jury ) as the guitarist.

“Guess I channeled my own misguided youth and put myself in the shoes of female romantic interests,” Smiley Mikey (aka songwriter Michael Sion) explains.

“This is a song women and men, alike, can relate to. And — as always — earworm melodies, fresh and important lyrics that spurn clichés, top-notch vocals with well-enunciated deliveries, and studio performances from young and prodigiously talented, as-yet-unsigned musicians are the elements of my recording.”

This is a for sure hit and he hit the nail right on the head with the lyrics. I can’t wait to hear more and hope to hear more from K.T. Elspeth.

Get the track : music.apple.com, soundcloud.com, spotify.com