Skuff Micksun & TyC are ‘Psychic Vampires’ in trippy new visual. – Reignland

Skuff Micksun and TyC have released a new single and visual titled, ‘Psychic Vampires.’ The visual is literally out of this world, almost like a live work of art. It’s very intriguing, I couldn’t look away. The guitar in the beginning really hooks me as you hear Skuffs vocals come in. As you get deeper into the song, you hear a dark and strange tone in the chorus that really add that atmosphere to the song. It comes from the combination of the Moogsub37 and Skuffs layering.

Psychic Vampire is a song about toxic love. Love that takes until you have nothing left to give. It’s about growing out of a relationship pattern that you felt like you needed but was actually killing you. The entrancing beat swims alongside the captivating lyrics that anyone with a heart can relate to whether in love, friendship or family.

Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, music.apple.com