SG Guillotine has released a powerful positive track called “CRASH” – Reignland

SG Guillotine has released a great track with a good message called “CRASH.” following the release of his EP ‘PROSPECT’ last April, Irish hip-hop artist SG Guillotine is back with new single, ‘CRASH’. Produced by Atlanta, Georgia based South African beat making sensation ‘EPIK THE DAWN’ the riveting track about the journey to success showcases the reason why SG Guillotine is a name you are going to be hearing frequently this year. Speaking on the message of the song SG shared “The meaning of the song really sits in the hook. “We can’t make it too fast we might crash” refers to the journey to success and that we shouldn’t want it too fast because it could cause us to lose the run of ourselves and crash.  I loved the message of this track more than anything else, not to say that everything else was not perfect because it was! The skilled rapping and heavy bass and music is outstanding, but take in the true message which is so clear then enjoy the great music. Be sure to listen to the track above then leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.