serin oh releases a beautiful new sultry single titled, ‘valenbisi’ – Reignland

serin oh releases new banger, ‘valenbisi’. The track features a sultry melody that is captivating and feels like a breath of fresh air on first listen. It has an r&b melody infused with some jazz components. The soft piano melody really gets me every time. Her vocals have this soothing sound with a bit of sassyness that really brings the song together.

When speaking on the track, she says, “While studying in Spain last year, I missed a 6AM train from Valencia to Barcelona, the only one I could afford, and as a result, had to crash at my friends’ place in the city. They joked that I could always use Valencia’s popular bike-sharing service Valenbisi to get to Barcelona. One of my friends started playing valenbisi’s two opening chords and I started singing “hop on a valenbisi, come see me”. From there, we birthed this singable R&B Pop tune written by 1 Korean, an American, and a Brit.” If you are enjoying this vibe, add your feedback below.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/track/0viAIgcSObtsYIoXZ5Ojg4