Sealife has released a wonderful track called “Nightflower – Reignland

Sealife has released a cool new track called “Nightflower” This track is a great way to wind down the end of your day, the lyrics are complemented by the wonderful drums and cymbals, I like the bass guitar in this song too. The vocals are way cool. Enjoy it a lot.

Sealife is a project led by Brennan Moring, who also plays in Seattle-based psych poppers Peyote Ugly. His single “Breaking Up Together” was released globally through Look Up Records on Sept 3, 2018, and the album A Paler Shade of White was released on Sept 24, 2018. The music video for Breaking Up Together is here on YouTube.

On A Paler Shade of White ~ “It is art imitating life. It is a chronological documentation of emotional renaissance. But the path it paves is not necessarily one of solidarity of success. It is a wicked maze filled with dead-ends, alter-egos, and strange intimacy. It is a swollen heart compensating for a restless mind. Each breakthrough eventually slides, and loses its edge, to reveal how shockingly predictable newness can be. Perhaps there is always a paler shade. Perhaps nobody disturbs that balance. When our minds are polarized by pleasure and by fear, we live our greatest lives in the short dan of novelty – a paler shade of white.” ~

Be sure to listen to this track above and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.