Sachém releases a smooth new track titled, ‘Motherland’ – Reignland

Sachém is here to add those smooth grooves to your playlist with his new single, ‘Motherland’. The track hits you with an addicitive groove that feels like butter. The chorus is nice and catchy as he harmonizes with some female vocals create such a nice touch. His rap flow is dope and he spits some relatable content. This tune has such a chill vibe and really just showcases his love for that old school vibe.

Named after a great Indigenous American chief from the Mohegan tribe, Sachem is inspired to make a difference in the world. “Growing up knowing stories of how my people have been treated. From experiencing racism myself, to seeing the direct effect that it’s had on my close friends, some of whom have attempted suicide and many of whom have been in and out of the system really inspires me to want to make a change for my people.” Since winning the prestigious, Oodgeroo Noouccal Poetry Prize as a 17-year-old in 2017, he has turned his hand to writing inspired rap songs. This song definitely sounds like a poem, very beautiful.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/track/694J01fI6fD4SujLdrjvxu