Rollin Rosatti releases new single, ‘Mountain Climb’ – Reignland

Singer-Songwriter & Producer, Rollin Rosatti has released a new single titled, ‘Mountain Climb.’ The track mixes soul, pop, and R&B to create a beautiful flavor of music. His old school soulful vocals over that guitar melody sound like butter. This simple yet beautiful melody is outstanding and overall captivating. The added choir-like background vocals really add atmosphere to the track. “I wrote this original song while in Keystone Colorado, Recorded in Memphis TN. Feel like it has a cool vibe to it with rustic vintage acoustic & electric modern elements that make this song one to catch your ears. Might be chill tune to get your mood up.”

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Get the track: youtube.com, apple.com, deezer.com

Get the track: https://www.instagram.com/rollinrosatti/