The new “Humble Vanity” music video from indie-folk band SAM & JAK is finally here! This folky song featuring mandolin, guitar, and beautiful harmonies will leave you loving this melody and wanting more.  – It is their 4th single/music video this year. It’s all about self-love and depression but in a feel-good uplifting way. The video features a diverse cast of 10 people enjoying life at a red barn. They had this to say about the video and track;

“A few years ago, I had a friend going through a really tough breakup, which led to a spiraling depression. She felt so unworthy of love or affection and all I wanted to do was scream from the top of a building she was perfect and didn’t need anyone else to validate her. This is my song to her and anyone else going through depression. It’s about finding that sweet spot of self-love without feeling like an egomaniac. That’s what ‘Humble Vanity’ is all about.”

The music video starts with SAM & JAK walking down a dirt road, looking for their next place to stop and play a concert. They stumble on a small collective in the middle of the country and set up a makeshift stage in front of a little red barn. 

Closeups of the individual members of this collective show one young woman, Sakura,  who is not as high-spirited as the rest. As the group starts to move towards SAM & JAK, Sake remains seated and melancholy. It isn’t until a friend lends a hand and pulls her toward the light, showing her love and kindness. 

SAM remembers writing the lyrics for this song a few years ago when a good friend of hers was going through a serious depression, nearly suicidal. “I wanted to show my friend that it’s okay to love yourself and pump yourself up without seeming conceited. So this song is a love song of friendship and empowerment for my friend and anyone else going through something similar,”  SAM remarked. 

Website: www.samandjak.com 

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