Plastic Mermaids releases a wonderful new track titled, “I Still Like Kelis” – Reignland

Art-pop band Plastic Mermaids has released a heart warming new track called “I Still Like Kelis” This is a re imagined acoustic version of tracks taken from their debut album, ‘Milk’. This track allows you to lay back and chill with your cold ice tea in hand. Loving the acoustic strokes with the scratchy vocals and the heart felt lyrics, all a great combination for a beautiful project.

Keen to explore different versions of the tracks Douglas said “When you’re making a song there’s always a million different options of how it can go and at some point in the journey you just have to decide which path you’re going down, you’re always left with niggles though of “ooh maybe it would’ve been better a different way” so it was really nice to have a moment to re-record these tracks from a different angle. I’d bought a new tape machine a while back, a Tascam 388, it’s a bit of a vibey cult classic. Used famously by Mac DeMarco, The Oh Sees, The Black Keys etc. and these tracks we’re my first recordings with that. I just wanted to do them live with no computer just to see if it still sounded like music.”

Awesome! Be sure to listen and enjoy this track above and please leave a much appreciated feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

Get the track: spotify.com

Connect: http://www.plasticmermaids.com/