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Pop/Rnb girl group, Pink Heart has announced the two new members who will replace previous members Gabby and Maddi. Gabby and Maddi decided last year to leave Pink Heart and create a girl group by themselves, leaving Amiyah in the group alone. Today she took to YouTube to announce the groups return and the two replacements. The replacements happen to be……(drum roll please) previous Pink Heart members Amira & Trintri.

Wait what? Yeah I defiantly felt the same way after hearing the news. Excited by confused. Who knows Pink Heart better then Pink Heart right? Well let me explain. Trintri was first placed in Pink Heart when the group was first create along with three other girls including Maddy and Gabby. That version of the group did not make it onto YouTube. The group that made their debut on YouTube consisted of Gabby, Maddi, and Amira.

In 2018, Amira decided to leave the group and focus more on school allowing Ayanna to be her replacement. On December 4, 2018, Gabby and Maddi then left the group and started their own girl group duo called ‘Gabby and Maddi’. It was then left with just Ayanna. Ayanna ended up releasing a video explaining the drama that was created when the two girls left but the video was later taken down and a picture surfaced of the two previous members and Ayanna hugging it out with the captain ‘Girl Power’. She continued to release covers while awaiting the future of Pink Heart.

The fate of Pink Heart became clear on March 28th, 2019 when Pink Heart released a Q&A call to action for the new members of Pink Heart’s reveal video.

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