Pep City releases new single, ‘Problem Child’ about his tough childhood – Reignland

Pep City is back with a new R&B banger titled, ‘Problem Child’ The track has such a fire baseline that goes off throughout the song. The chorus is catchy and really has a bounce to it. His vocals are so soulful but still has that attitude in it that brings the lyrics to life. This sounds like classic R&B mixed with modern-day hip hop elements. In the song, he speaks about growing up as always being a problem child but either way, he knows that better days are to come for him, unfortunately, he can’t say the same for some of his homies. I think a lot men will be able to releate to this track.

According to his press release, while he spent a lot of time growing up singing in the church he’s no stranger to the streets. He grew up in the trenches of Orangeburg, S.C., and anyone that is familiar with the Carolinas knows about Orangeburg. 

Only 21 years of age, he is hungry and ready to let his soulful voice and street lyrics speak for who he truly is as an artist. Recently he released his 1st mixtape titled, “Hood Bible”, — “where he shares his story of growing up in the streets, being raised by just his mother, and watching his homies being taken away from him while trying to become a successful artist and living a better life”,  alsointroducing of his single’s off the mixtape “Don’t Know” produced by, DJ Pressure. In addition to his own mixtape, one of his newer singles “Problem Child” was featured on  Trouble’s mixtape “Streets Talk Presented by Trouble”.

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